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Self Study Course

As you proceed through this self-study course, you will learn all of the components of wise checking account management. After reading the material, please follow the directions to register for and complete the exam. Once you submit your responses, your exam will be automatically scored and the results will be emailed to you and your financial institution.

Good luck, and congratulations on taking this step toward establishing a positive life-long relationship with your financial institution!


Topics Covered in the Self-Study Course

Chapter 1
Checking Account Fundamentals
Overdraft Protection
Always and Nevers

Chapter 2
Credit Bureaus

Chapter 3
Smart Money Management
Income and Creditor Form
Monthly Expense Form

Chapter 4
Prevent Checks from Being Lost or Stolen
Make the time for checking account management
Different Types of Checks

Chapter 5
Use ATM and Debit Cards Wisely
Prevent Fraud


Chapter 6
Endorsing a check
Depositing a check
Writing a check
Making a stop payment order

Chapter 7
Choosing and Sharing Accounts

Chapter 8
Your Checking Account Statement
Keeping Track of Your Checks
Reconciling Your Checkbook

Common words associated with checking accounts are explained.

Once you have completed the study course, register and complete the online exam.

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